Six Great Reasons To Have More Sex With Your Partner

You’ve probably heard all the jokes about sex after marriage.

Jokes as in, What Sex?  Well,  according to the findings from a 2011 Australian study, more than half of husbands and almost as many wives were unhappy with their sex lives — mostly because they weren’t having enough of it.

Here are a few reasons of the reasons why this can happen.

  1. The Chase – When you’re dating, you’re pursuing one another.  Once you’re married, it can feel like the thrill is gone, it’s like you’ve “WON” the prize.   Continue to explore and find fun things about each other, the “chase isn’t over yet!
  2. Work is,,,well, alot of work! It takes a lot out of you to give 50-60 hours a week to a job, especially if you don’t like your job.  Be sure to schedule in some “couple time” to reconnect as well as take time for yourself to relax and recharge so that you have energy for the fun things in life, like great sex!
  3. CHILDREN! If you have them, you know what I mean.   Children can take up a lot of time and energy to say the least.   Many women find themselves less sexually driven right after childbirth. They may also feel like they have a loose or flappy vagina at first.  There are lots of ways to fix that, including great herbal d-i-y home remedies, exercises and extremely effective creams and gels to tighten your vagina.  The best advice – give it some time and be sure to nurture intimacy in your relationship.

A Healthy Sex Life is important to your relationship for many reasons. 

The physical and emotional benefits are wonderful.   It doesn’t matter If you have sex once a day, once a week, or once a month as long as that schedule works for both of you.   In most cases, after you get married, you’ll want to find ways to keep your sexual relationship active and fun.

Here are 6 GREAT REASONS WHY You Want To Have More Sex!

There are plenty of physical and emotional benefits to having more sex with your spouse.
Here are are six of the most important :

1.  Sexually satisfied spouses make for more satisfying marriages overall.

A 2013 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior tracked 1,000 married Americans and discovered  that spouses who were sexually satisfied feel more fulfilled in their marriage overall
It’s no surprise that couples who didn’t have as frequent sex had more fights, less positive feelings and communication and had more negative thoughts about their marriage and each other.   Another study, completed in 2014 was published in the Journals of Gerontology and reported that a key factor in whether couples remained satisfied with their marriage over the years, was continued sexual activity.

2. Sex can make you look and feel younger.

Frequent sex is a “crucial factor” in preserving youth, as British clinical psychologist Dr. David Weeks explained in a 2013 lecture for the British Psychological Society.  After a 10-year study of thousands of middle-aged men and women, Dr. Weeks concluded that having sex a total of three times a week could take up to ten years off a person’s appearance. He also found that sex with a long-term partner is most beneficial in helping you look and feel younger.   A great point for long-term relationships!

3. Sex decreases individual as well as a couple’s stress and anxiety levels.

A 2012  Israeli study found that sex among couples who live together, reduced  stress levels, and a 2006 study from Scotland’s University of Paisley found that people who recently had intercourse coped better with stressful situations. Married people with some neurotic tendencies benefit even more from regular sexual activity.

4. Sex boosts your sense of personal well-being.

The amount of sex you have has a direct benefit on your outlook on life, positive attitude and general
well-being, according to a study from the University of Colorado Boulder. They examined decades of research and found that people  who engaged in more frequently  sex in general  reported greater levels of personal well-being.

5.  Having sex even when one spouse isn’t totally in the mood helps boost intimacy and sexual desire.

happy couple in bed

Knowing that you are desired helps to get you in the mood.   In 2012 the University of Toronto study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science tracked sexual desire in long-term couples and found that the happiest ones expressed strong “sexual communal desire,” or the desire to have sex for your partner’s satisfaction as opposed to just your own satisfaction. Desiring Sex for your partner’s benefits has a great reward.  Study author Amy Muise told the Wall Street Journal that when partners have sex “to enhance intimacy and feel closer to their partner,” they end up feeling increased sexual desire themselves. Sounds like everybody wins here!


What more can I say?   So, put down that cellphone, get a sitter for the kids, turn off the TV and TURN UP the heat in your sex life!

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